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Certified Drills Ready For Hazardous Environments

Pneumatic drills are perfectly suited to space restricted and hazardous environments such as oil drilling platforms, shipbuilding or petrochemical industry

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We offer ATEX certified drills ready for hazardous environments

PROMOTECH is an innovation driven ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of professional power tools, welding automation equipment and industrial systems.
We offer comprehensive range of ATEX pneumatic drills for safe use on construction sites and industrial installations, where electric appliances are prohibited for safety reasons.Our purpose-designed drills comply with ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) directive and are intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres that may occur in the oil, gas and energy industries.


PRO-35 ADA ATEX is an extremely small portable air drilling machine designed for work on any construction site and industrial installations

Max milling capacity: 35 mm (1-3/8″)
Max drilling capacity: 16 mm (5/8″)
Max depth of cut: 25 mm (1″)

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PRO 45/2 ATEX is a small portable pneumatic drilling machine which allows cutting holes up to 45 mm (1-3/4”) diameter.

Max milling capacity: 45 mm (1-3/4″)
Max drilling capacity: 20 mm (13/16″)
Max depth of cut: 51 mm (2″)

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Heavy Duty ATEX Pneumatic Drilling Machine designed for outdoor or indoor work in multiple industries such as Offshore, Mining, Energy, Shipbuilding, maintenance etc.

Max milling capacity: 200 mm (7-7/8″)
Max drilling capacity: 45 mm (1-3/4″)
Max Tap size: M48 
Max depth of cut: 100 mm (4″)

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A potentially explosive atmosphere exists when a mixture of air gases, vapours, mists or dusts combine in a way that can ignite under certain operating conditions. The source of ignition could be either electrical or mechanical in origin.
Promotech offers a range of intrinsically safe pneumatic drills that conform to ATEX II 2 G/D c IIC T6/T4 Standard for equipment used in hazardous environments. Explosive environments can potentially occur in many sections of manufacturing, processing and service industries, where the use of flammable gases, solvents and fine powders is involved.

Protection against accidental start up. Motor runs only when magnetic base is active.

Permanent magnets need no power supply from the mains.
Self-locking device prevents any possible accidental movement.

Base with permanent magnets can be adapted to a workpiece curvature.

  • conforms to ATEX II 2 G/D c IIC T6/T4 Standard for equipment used in hazardous environments
  • ATEX approved materials – safe use in Ex zones and where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts or residues may be present
  • strong permanent magnet to keep your machine fixed with no need for electric supply
  • pneumatic motor start up is possible only when magnetic base is active
  • protection against accidental motor activation
  • 3 models to choose from depending on the required applications

up to 200 mm

up to M48

up to 45 mm

up to 50 mm

no need for electric power
strong permanent magnet base
intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
protection against accidental motor activation

Explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres may occur in many workplaces, where work activities create or release flammable gases, mists or vapours or combustible dusts. Working in such workplaces is hazardous because of the risk of fire and explosion that can cause loss of life, serious injuries, damage to property and the environment, and danger for business continuity. There are two widely used ways of reducing risk of accidental fire or explosion. Namely preventing releases of dangerous substances, which can create explosive atmospheres and preventing sources of ignition. Promotech ATEX drills are made of ATEX approved materials and feature combination of pneumatic drive and permanent magnetic base that eliminates the need of electric power supply, thus preventing possible source of ignition. Our drills are an ideal solution in many hazardous environments such as oil drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, oil refineries, shipbuilding and petrochemical industry, where electric appliances are prohibited for safety reasons.

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